Interests: Anime and Video Games and my thing, I make videos for Youtube on my account, mostly for fun but Im no sensation. Yet.
Im into cosplays, making costumes is apart of it too, making a variety of costumes from anime/vidya games/cartoons/ and movies.

I will post many, many things from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It has been my favorite anime ever since I was a young lad. And ill reblog many posts of Asuka. Asuka is my waifu.

I am now currently trying to work on projects i've been planning for a long time. From screenwriting films for my motion pictures, and also work on graphic novels (spin-off and original work)

~I like every style of music~

Hopefully i can give you a chuckle or two, with the rants and hoorahs i will post. Ill be gentle.